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vendredi 7 avril 2017

''Summer memories'', layout/tutorial By Sandra Bernard

''Souvenirs d'été''
''summer memories''

Hi! Heres's Sandra today!
I had been inspired again by Aria Story collection

Here's the tutorial...

I love sunsets, you can't be inspired by them...

I used modeling paste and stencil on my background. 

Then, I played with yellow, coral pastel mist and water to add some sunshine.

I cut some diamonds on 6x6 pad paper Aria Collection and I distressed them.

After I glued them on my background, I added some pastel mist salmon to add more color.

 I also put some yellow pastel mist and pearl scarlette mist and added again modeling paste with stencil. 

I used some stamps and black ink all over my colored background.

I glued gold and amber microspheres with multipurpose gel.

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