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mardi 6 juin 2017

Moodboard pour cuts2luv

Un autre mois, un autre défi...

Je me suis, cette fois-ci, laissé inspiré par, encore une fois, le combo couleur, le motif polka dots et le fil.
J'ai aligné des cercles afin de faire ma forme sous ma photo, inspiré par le motif polka dots. Les découpes blanche permettent de contraster avec les cercles de couleur ainsi que d'aller chercher le blanc présent dans le beige-gris de mon papier de fond. 

Mes badges choisi vont parfaitement avec les couleurs du tableau et de ma page.

voici donc cette page ainsi que des plans rapprochés:

votre tableau défi ce mois-ci

votre boutique :

san xx

jeudi 1 juin 2017

Layout and ATC's by Sandra Bernard

''You shine''

Hi chipies fans! I'm back today with another pink layout. 
Love hibiscus flowers, so I base my project on thoses chiipboards. 

here's my chipboards list:
Sml leafy Vine
Skeleton leaves
''You Shine'' as title

I started by coloring my background with pink watercolor. Then, I put some distress ink over a stencil to create some interesting focal points. I stamped in grey to add more textures. 

My small leafy vines was colored with gesso, then with distress green color. I added some glitter silver paint at some areas. 

I used two different tones or green to embossed my ''You shine'' title. 

I played with watercolor pencils to colored my hibiscus flowers. And I added also some yellow-green color in the pistil areas. 

The skeleton leaves had been colored also with gesso and distress ink green. 

'' Je me souviens''
means ''I remember''

For my second creation, I choose to talk about my province, Quebec. Quebec is a french province of Canada. In june, we celebrate our national bithday. That's why I created 3 ATC's about my province.

My products list:
fluer de lise ATC
Indian Feathers
Winter twig branches
folk hearts
Interlocking grid panel

I start my ATC's with modeling past and stencil. Then I added some blue ink because the color of our flag are white and blue. 
To contrats with the blue of the background, I choose to embossed my Interlocking grid panel and separated in three pieces, one on each ATC.
My three ATC's are decorated with an fluer de lise which is our emblem and present in our flag too. 
An folk heart is present also on each one to show you my love for my province.

The first one are decerated with a touch sailor because Because a long river,''Saint Laurent ''crosses the whole province. So I used a penny from our country.

The second one talk about our animal emblem, The snowy owl. So, I used a feather under my chipies Indian feather"

The last one talks about quite our conifers present on our territory. That's why I used Winter twig branches. 

I separated our slogan national ''JE ME SOUVIENS'' on my three ATC's to show you that they form a whole.

I hope you like it...
see you next month
san xx