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mardi 31 janvier 2017

layouts pour 2 crafty chipboards


A page under the theme of the romanticism for today. I had made one video, but I had some problems with my computer, thus I am not able of you to present him, I am sincerely sorry.

my 2craftychipboards list:
Corner's Helena's 
Frames tiny Victorian
Precious- loopy font as title

For that layout, I used some paint on my background to add a brown touch. 
I paint my corner's Helena's also in brown to highlight them.

I also paint my 3 frames tiny Victorian in white to keep the romantic accent.

I added some flowers, sical and other textures on my layout.

The title had been paint in brown, but I change my mind and add some white paint on it.


My second layout is also romantic with my other daughter as subjet.

my 2crafty chipboards list:
Large leafy vine
Floral spray
Adorable- script font as title

I played with yellow ink on my background. I added some flower with stencil and modeling past and I used an other stencil with distress black to add some others flowers. 

I painted my large leafy vine and my floral spray in white and I stressed outlines with some black powders. 

I did the same traitement for the title to keep continuity.

I hope you like it...
see you next month.

sandra xx

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