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mardi 20 décembre 2016

december layout for 2craftychipboard

''Christmas time''

Which emblem makes more Christmas than the fir tree itself?

2 Crafty Chipboards I used:
-Christmas Times
-Corner sweet Holly
-Avery vines
-Fluer arrows
-Mini flourish bits

I chose to place Avery vines, Mini flourish bits and Corner sweet holly so as to create a fir tree. I embossed under heat these chipboards in certain places to create of the texture.

I also put of the black distress on the sides of these chipboards

I embossed black Fluer arrows to create a focal point at the top of the fir tree, as a replacement of traditional star.

I also embossed in black ''Christmas time'' and I then wiped some ink silver on the edges of the title.

''Merry Chistmas''

Christmas also means wishes, cards. 2crafty chipboards offer an outfit of chipboards to realize them.

2crafty chipboards I used:
-holly leaves
-Merry Christmas script card pack
-Retro Xmas trees
-stellar snowflakes
-Winter twig branches

On the first card, I embossed the small balls on the end of branches in red and I stuck on some, red dots. I left the holly nature and I painted then in white wishes.

For the second card, I put some greenery under the winter twig branche and I embossed a stellar snowflake to put on the top of the ''tree''.

To decorated, I put badges and Birds in cork.

I really wish you Merry Christmas time!!!

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